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A photograph of the artist

Lucille Dweck is a painter who specialises in painting water, people and seascapes. Educated at St Martins and Byam Shaw, her artistic career has included :-
Winner of several art competitions including ‘Pacesetters’ in Peterborough Museum, My Art Spac,e NYAXE Gallery NY,and the‘Refresh Art Award’ in 2019. 
Artist in residence at the London Hospital, 
Mural commisions-
West Middlesex Hospital, 
Central Foundation School for boys, 
The Frame Factory (Talbot Road), De Lucia Restaurant (Bond Street), The Mayfair Club (Mayfair) -
Portrait Commissions, and exhibitions, both mixed shows and one woman shows.
Teaching at Byam Shaw School of Art and other arts schools

I paint natural scenes, mostly scenes with water. I tend not to include anything from the contemporary world because I want to talk about the magical, spiritual aspect of being immersed in nature. I feel through that connection to stillness, there lies a path to our own potential for fulfilment.

I grew up in a misogynistic era as a woman and therefore struggled with being heard and understood. I choose to paint as way of expressing, giving value and understanding my thoughts. What began as a quest for self knowledge became a desire to know what unites people.

My paintings talk about an inner stillness, about letting go, when introspection meets immersion in nature, creating a moment of illumination.

I am particularly intrigued with light and reflections and use them in the paintings as a metaphor for ideas, thoughts and nurturing.

Although the paintings are very figurative I never want to deny the materiality of the paint and brushstrokes. The marks, colours and strokes assert their truth at the same time as creating the scenes.

Painting light, water, figures, symbols and the natural world using densely knitted marks I paint canvases that invite you to enjoy natures beauty while immersing you in the mood of the moment. These are personal moments. Moments free of self consciousness and boundaries. There is usually a solitary figure there as a motif for the viewer to relate to.

I also paint portraits. I feel that in my portraits I want to express the unique message my sitter holds within them. It is a particular communication that I hope will resonate with the viewer.

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